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Corgi Breeders Home is a small Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeding family in the USA. We have four sons who were just young boys when we got involved with Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies. They are all married now, and we have adjusted to being “home alone” with our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies. As Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies breeders, we enjoy having our pets as our business. They provide great therapy daily. We have been raising for the past 9 years, and thoroughly enjoy the breed with its friendly.

Our adults live in a modern, well designed kennel surrounded by a two acre meadow where they take turns enjoying exercise and fresh air in dog paddocks. We spends lots of time with them every day and they enjoy his attention.

 Corgi For Sale / Home for the best

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is considered as the most enthusiastic and gifted dog breed. They are easy to be trained as well as eager to learn and adopt new circumstances and actions. Pembroke is best when it comes to kids and other pets, one can easily spot them in four variant coated colors and markings.

All our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies for sale come with the following: Health Certificate, De- worming, Shots to Date, Registration Papers, Dog Training guide, Health Guarantee

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We Strive For Good Health 

Adopting a new family member should be a major decision for anyone, that is why health issues should not have to be a part of that equation. We go to great lengths to ensure your puppy will be in the best of health. Our puppies will always be up to date on all their vaccinations and undergo a comprehensive exam by a board certified doctor of veterinarian medicine before they leave our home.

Socialization Matters

We believe a well behaved adult dog is a result of a well trained puppy raised by a caring and responsible breeder. Our puppies are raised by our family, including our children, and are well socialized at an early age because of all the interaction with them. This includes basic bathroom behavior, playing in the yard at an early age, and learning how to respond to affection from their caregiver. maine coon kittens for sale california

Improving The Breed

We strive to continuously improve our breeding stock and maintain a high level of integrity in our breeding practices. All our dogs receive only the best of care and the results show for themselves. Only the most qualified adults, with regard to health and fitness, are chosen to be used in our breeding program. Belgian Malinois For Sale